This is an unordered collection of cool stuff I found around the web, which I thought are cool but have probably not looked at in more detail yet. Maybe I will get around to it at some point, and maybe you will find something useful in there!

A similar list can be found on Henning’s website at

An API for building a bunch of different diagram-from-code tools such as mermaid and graphviz:


A tool to make nice-looking reports and similar from notebook-style or less of a notebook-style input, allowing interactive diagrams in the HTML output:

Visualization of destinations reachable by direct trains from many european train stations:


This tool tries to make C++ compilation errors from GCC easier to understand:


A diff-tool explicitly made for source code which compares syntax trees instead of lines, producing much nicer diffs!

rr debugger

A debugger that allows stepping backwards in time. It actually works, and I found a real bug with it! To use this with ROS 2, a config file is needed, which I found out here: (More recent versions seem to require wrapping the config in an additional <dds> ... </dds>)


Way nicer code listing in LaTeX than using the “listings” package: