In 2023 I graduated from Ulm University with a master’s degree in Communications and Computer Engineering.

From 2017 to 2023 I studied at Ulm university to attain my degree as Bachelor of Science and later Master of Science in Communications and Computer Engineering.

More about my bachelor’s thesis, where I worked on hardware security primitives (“Physical Unclonable Functions”), is available here. During my master’s thesis I developed a framework for fully deterministic execution of robotics software stacks in ROS 2, which I wrote about here.

Starting in 2019, I spent much of my time at the universities Carolo-Cup team, Team Spatzenhirn. The Carolo-Cup is an international competition in which student teams build autonomous 1:10 scale model cars, which have to navigate a course as fast and with as few mistakes as possible. More information about the competition is available on the official website and on Wikipedia. The website of our team is available here. My responsibilities in the team included electronics design, embedded programming, trajectory planning and a lot of infrastructure and dev-ops tasks.